My Parisian Affair

Stylish Narratives

Trust style to transport you anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. Incorporating one garment could literally be the difference between stepping out into the streets of Joburg or Paris with either the Vodacom Tower or the Eiffel Tower behind you.

Paris has always been one of the cities I’d dream of visiting one day. I am however a frequent visitor of in my imagination (don’t judge me… we all do it). I actually remember myself purchasing this shirt and feeling a great amount of nostalgia and… well… romance.

My Parisian Affair suddenly took off and I found myself strolling through the streets of Rue du Faubourg Sainte-Honoré (acclaimed as being one the most luxurious and fashionable avenues in the world). I was on my way to meet my on-again-off-again girlfriend Amélia. She’d finally given me another chance and I was certain that tonight would be the night she would make me the happiest man alive.

As I approached the café, we often visited, we locked eyes. She could sense that there was something pressing on my mind. As I walk up to her my heart rate had increased to such an extent that I starting losing consciousness. I eventually dropped to my knees right before her and pulled out the ring she’d hinted at on our first anniversary. I couldn’t even recall asking if she’d by my wife, but I vividly remember her eyes glistening at that very moment.

She then leaned closer and all I heard was; “Next Please!” I eventually came to and found myself standing at the front of the queue at Markham The Glen with this very shirt in my hand, panting and noticeably sweaty.

A story so detailed was conceived from one item of clothing.

That I believe is the power of style. Your ability to tell a story from anything and anywhere in the world becomes limitless.

My Parisian Affair continues in the below gallery. What do you think Amélia said?

C’est la vie…

Outfit Details:

  • Stripped Viscose shirt & jewellery: Markham
  • Pleated black trousers: Edgars
  • Navy studded derbys: Exact
  • Black leather watch: Truworths



Special Mention:

Thank you to Sophie and her team from Once Youth Hotels & Once in Joburg for hosting my team and I. Your hospitality is something to be admired. Check them out guys. I know you’ll enjoy the experience as much as I have.

Thank you for Reading! Stay Stylish!

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