Jock of the Fashionveld

Stylish Narratives

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I won’t be making reference to the beloved Jock of the Bushveld in this piece. I literally needed an appropriate and relatively cheesy title for it. I think I’ve accomplished that!!

A trend that finds itself resurfacing almost every year in the fashion calendar is that of the Modern Safari (amongst others). I have admittedly tried to replicate this look a ton of times without any success. To be honest I’d eventually end up looking like a mix between Crocodile Dundee and Indiana Jones… and that’s a bad thing if I wasn’t clear enough. 
Another challenge I’ve had with this look was trying to improve on it. Let’s be honest, this trend has been in circulation for years and we’ve already seen quite a number of interpretations.

If you’re looking for some tips on braving the Concrete Safari in style then keep reading.

  • Complimentary colours– there’s a big misconception that Safari-themed styling consists only of neutral colours (cream, tan, beige, white, etc). This however evolves every time and now the colour palette includes warm reds, vibrant oranges, rich greens and everything in between. Be sure though to pair colours which enhance or highlight the other.
  • Practise summer layering– this is a great technique to master. It’s especially impressionable in summer where layering is not often seen. Remember to keep it light, airy and breathable.
  • Up the ante on your neutrals– you’ll be surprised how much versatility one look could have with simply adding or omitting a neutral piece. Neutrals also do a great job of binding and finishing off your look very nicely.
  • Be Bold– this tip is completely up for interpretation. Your look is only unique if you make it unique. Whether it’s your colour composition or your choice of accessories, commit to it!

Hopefully with the above tips you can take your look from the Krugar National Park to South African Fashion Week- yeah I know that was super pretentious!

My take on the Modern Safari look continues below:

Outfit Details:

  • Military green shirt and White T-shirt: H&M
  • Tan chinos, brown leather belt and tinted shades: Mr Price
  • Loosely weaved sandles: Arthur Jack from Tread+Miller
  • Rose gold bracelet: Nomination Jewellery
  • Genuine leather travel wallet: Khaki & Dust



Special Mention:

Once again we would like to thank Sophie and her team from Once Youth Hotels & Once in Joburg for hosting us. Check them out guys. The above pics were taken on one the hotels balconies.

Thank you for Reading! Stay Stylish!

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