A Minimalist State of Mind

Stylish Narratives

Leonardo Da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication” and man was Leo right- yeah that’s right I called him Leo, we were close once…… possibly……. in a previous life. Before I let my imagination get the better of me, I completely echo the above sentiment.

It’s rather ironic how the idea of ‘Minimalism’ especially in fashion is a style that many try to master and yet somehow end up complicating. Now please don’t get me wrong, I too find myself doing just that every now and then. But what I’ve come to understand is that style (no matter the kind) is an extension of YOU. Minimalism to me looks completely different to someone like…… Phillipp Plein for instance.

If you fancy, I’ve listed a few tips to minimal dressing for men that I follow religiously.

  1. Never mistaken Minimalism and Nonchalance– this for me is possibly the most important tip I could offer. There is a huge element of fine styling in Minimalism. In fact it’s the ultimate test to true style. Anyone can make a statement will an over-styled look, but can that same statement be made with just 3 items of clothing.
  2. Good things come in 3’s– tops, bottoms, shoes that’s it. If you’re wearing more than 3 items of clothing, you’re probably over-styled and end up losing the whole plot. And yet again, this will be a testament to the development of your styling ability.
  3. What statement are you making?– this doesn’t only apply to minimalism, but style in general. If what you think you’re saying is not being reciprocated, then you’re either speaking a different language or you might need to improve on your vocabulary.

There are many more tips I’d like to share, but I think these were the best to start off with.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve included a few snaps of my take on Minimalist Styling for the modern man.

Can you guess what statement I’m making?

Outfit Details:

  • Printed Viscose shirt – Markham
  • Pleated trousers – Edgars
  • Brogues and Sunglasses – Blogger’s own



Thank you for Reading! Stay Stylish!

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