The Urban Refinement Experiment

Stylish Narratives

AIM: Establish whether urban streetstyle can be refined and be made flexible.

HYPOTHESIS: Urban streetstyle can in fact be refined and as a result allows the wearer more flexibility in styling his/her look.


  • Classic urban-styles T-shirt > Adidas
  • Hybrid black trousers > H&M The Spring Icons Collection
  • VS Pace Shoes > Adidas Neo
  • Black denim jacket > Mr Price
  • Black dome-styled cap > Mr Price
  • Black leather strapped wrist watch > Hallmark (Truworths)
  • Frames > Blogger’s own
  • Photography > MOTOGRAPHY


METHOD: I won’t give you a full step-by-step of how I styled my look, but here are few tips on how to refine your look

  1. Get a T-shirt in a size that’s proportionate to your torso. T-shirts that extend to as low as your mid-thigh do nothing for your height (no matter how tall or short you are). For my vertically challenged gents, make sure the T is either hemmed or tucked in. This helps balance out your proportions
  2. My personal tip is to stay clear of ripped/distressed denim, especially if you’re looking to maximise the versatility of your look
  3. Do not over-accessorise, but rather let the accessories be nuances to carry your entire look from day to night

OBSERVATIONS: You’ll pretty much see the results for yourself!!

CONCLUSION: With the correct fundamental pieces and the appropriate accessories, urban style (and pretty much any style) can be refined and as a result demonstrate flexibility in one’s appearance.

I hope you enjoyed our little experiment. If you’d like to challenge anything said above, please do so under the ‘Share Your Piece’ option or comment below.

PS- I know I promised to keep the articles short. I’m quite temperamental when it comes to style so if need be, I might just end up writing a book about it.

Thank you for Reading! Stay Stylish!

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