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If, at any point I would be asked to describe my blog in a few words, Consistently Inconsistent is the exact description I would give. Now you may assume that I’ll be going on some kind of rant about this… and you’d be correct.  This piece will be for the ‘creatives’ and will perhaps touch on what we fear about not being in a state to create.

A well-known cartoonist Bill Watterson said: “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.” In mentioning this I feel somewhat justified in not putting out a blogpost in the last 4 months, but that would be my pride speaking. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I absolutely could’ve knocked out a post or two before this one. However, let us not ignore the fundamental truth in the above quote.

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As a creative myself (and I hope I’m speaking for other creatives regardless of the field you’re in) it is extremely difficult to be in a state of continuous creativity. Hell it is so inconsistent that I hit a few ‘writer’s block’ moments in putting this post together.

Now believe me, I could honestly write multiple pages on the various impacts this has on creatives (emotional, mental and yes, even physical), but this is not that conversation. What I sincerely want to say is that WE {clap} NEED {clap} TO {clap} GIVE {clap} OURSELVES {clap} A {clap} DAMN {clap} BREAK {clap}!

We need to be ok with not always being able to create. We need to be ok with not always feeling inspired. We need to ok with being inconsistent at times. We need to be ok with not meeting expectations, that of yourselves or of others. We need to allow ourselves to simply be!

There is no such injustice in the creative community than an uninspired creative!

Wow, I guess that wasn’t really a rant…

Keeping with the topic of being inspired to create, please enjoy the below gallery of images. I was going for the Italian Mob… but on vacation… but made it fashion!


consistent 18consistent 14consistent 13consistent 11consistent 16consistent 3consistent 8consistent 7

Outfit Details: 

  • Houndstooth Newsboy hat – borrowed
  • Relaxed trousers – Woolworths
  • White textured t-shirt – H&M
  • Blush Viscose shirt – Zara
  • Arthur Jack Seth Sneakers (white) – Tread + Miller
  • St. Christopher necklace – blogger’s own



Any thoughts, reviews, questions or comments, leave them below.

Till next time!

Thank you for reading! Stay Stylish!




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