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So let’s just address the elephant in the blog (in lieu of a room), I have been out of the blogosphere for several months. Now what some may call a hiatus, I want to stress that this long break wasn’t intended and that there are so many other contributing factors than what may appear.

You’ve probably read this intro and are wondering what on earth I’m rambling on about. If you haven’t already gathered from the title, this introduction-to-2019 piece will be somewhat of a reflection over the past few months.


To start off with, for those reading this post with whom I’ve worked with and are currently working with, you’ll find this title appropriately named and rather amusing. To fill everyone else in I was recently (as early as the start of the year) appointed into a new role within a Change & Adoption environment. And while the initial excitement may be forthcoming (especially after doing the same thing for 5 years straight), I had almost no preparation for what was to come. Now before you assume that I’m going to take you on a trip through my work experience, let me put you at ease… This will not be that.

For me I wanted to explore the idea of driving change (in your personal and business space) versus the idea of being an actual Change Agent. This is honestly not meant to sound patronising or condescending, but merely an observation. Do we really understand what it means to change? Are we able to identify (internally and externally) what it is that needs to change?

I’m confident that anyone of you reading this could give me hundreds of resource material where “change” is defined, but the honest and blunt truth is… Change is relative. One person’s change is unquestionably different to another’s. Yes while certain elements of change are consistent- change is constant, change is untimely- we need not forget what change means to and for us individually. I think as human beings, it is almost a habit for us to be sold on the idea of change and what benefits it may bring. And ever so often we are eventually faced with the glaring decision of facing our own inadequacies and actually being the catalyst for change.

To be honest, I would have loved for my first post of 2019 to be something light-hearted and fun, but this is something I’ve been somewhat consumed with for the past few weeks and it is my earnest wish that this rant means something to someone.


As for Adoption… (chuckles) well, I simply cannot define that. If you were to ask me, I will almost always ask; “Have you truly identified the change?” If this pertinent question has been fully explored and answered, the question of adoption would already have been answered.

(Sigh)… I know that was a lot of disruptive writing to digest, but I am rather optimistic to see what this year has up it’s sleeve. In the same respect I hope you guys are ready for what I have up my sleeve for the blog this year.

But for now, indulge yourself in the below gallery of a shoot we did recently:








Outfit Details:

  • Floral viscose shirt – Markham
  • Black organic T-shirt & Cream linen trousers- H&M
  • Arthur Jack Marshall derbys- Tread + Miller



Thank you for Reading! Stay Stylish!

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