The Unspoken Constant

Stylish Narratives

One of my favourite authors Stephen Covey said: “There are three constants in life…. change, choice and principles.” The Oxford Dictionary describes a constant as occurring continuously over a period of time. With the above in mind it’s only fitting that we add style to the list of constants.

Personally speaking, style is one of the few aspects of life which have stood the ultimate constant of time. If we compare our modern-day sensibilities of aesthetic with that of the early 1900’s, not much has changed. In fact, as the style-conscious generation of men, we tend to gravitate more towards an inherently nostalgic manner of dressing.

The 1900s, the birthplace of the dandy has made such a resurgence in the last decade it is hard to ignore. What’s particularly interesting is how this signature style is constantly reinvented to meet the manifesto of the modern man. Here’s where the paradox of timeless, elegant style and our modern-day attitude is tested.

Now I won’t bore you with an endless list of tips which you’ll probably forget once you’ve read the entire post, but I will offer one pearl of wisdom. Ask yourself how this sense of style exerts its relevance every year. How is it that even though it is continuously modernised it doesn’t lose its nostalgic importance? If it’s not in the actual clothing, then how can this particular sense of style be a constant? There’s one constant that is often overshadowed in the face of style and that is Class.

Class is timeless, class keeps style relevant and class allows for the resurgence of any sense of style on any given day.

Class…. is the ultimate unspoken constant!

My look on timeless style is a few scrolls below.

Outfit Details:

  • White button up shirt: Edgars
  • Waistcoat: Mr Price
  • Textured trousers: H&M
  • Glasses: Police Eyewear
  • Leather and nylon laptop bag: David Jones from Woolworths
  • Brogue Oxford shoes: Blogger’s own



Special Mention:

We would like to thank Nokuthula and Marlon for being kind enough to allow us to use their space at African Flavour Books. Their entire set up was absolutely perfect for the idea we were going for this piece. Check them out!!

Thank you for Reading! Stay Stylish!

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